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Company's history

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Our history goes back to year 1888, but the company with the name as today was founded in 1953. Today, we are a big, successful graphic company with supreme equipment and mastering resources that has its business network spread into European market. That all did not happen just over night.

Chronological overview

In 1888, the book binder Ignac Reš won the first printing concession... With scant resources, no experience and small demand, this was a modest start, but the business kept on and through different owners in uninterrupted sequence came along all the way Gorenjski tisk to date. Just before the end of previous century, the first successor became advanced and professionaly informed book printer Ivan Lampret that modernized and spread the craft. He was also an active member of professional association and one of the first in our country that allowed his workers to celebrate the holiday of May 1st without withhelding the pay. Several books, brochures and periodicals were produced in Lampret's printing house, amongst them, in 1902, perfectly manufactured Aškerc's edition of Prešeren's Poetry. In 1911, the printing house was bought by the Printing Association in Kranj.

In 1912, a printing shareholding company was founded, named Tiskarna Sava..., Founded by the citizens of advanced national awareness. That was "Tiskarna Sava" with main shareholder and president of the board, regional deputy Ciril Pirc. It got the concession and some equipment from Ivan Lampret.

In 1945, "Tiskarna Sava" changed its name into "Gorenjska tiskarna" .

In 1953, "Gorenjska tiskarna" and newspaper institution "Glas Gorenjske" merge. That is how the company with today's name Gorenjski tisk emerged. At the time, it was located on Koroška cesta.

In 1990, graphic preparation of printed matters on the set itself. We have been preparing a newspaper on the festival of Yugoslavian marketing for the first time in Slovenia and printing it over night, so that the visitors could read the festival news the very next day.

In 1994, investing in the line of smaller series, that answered continuous decrease of circulation of leaflets in the box.

In 1995, we achieved the certificate for standard ISO 9001.

Digital print, introduced in 1997, represents a start of different mentality. Digital print shows a path in trend and a development of printing services.

In 2000, we received a certificate for standard ISO 14001.

In 2001, first digital machine, printing in dry offset KARAT, printing machine 5B + UV varnish, print with hybrid colours.

In 2003, digital copying of offset disks - CTP was introduced.

In 2004, we received a certificate for standard OHSAS 18001.

In 2005, line for hardcovers production.

In 2006, 8-colour printing machine and lines for drawing up with optional use of PUR glue.

In 2008, movement of box files programme to a sister company EGP in Škofja Loka, specialization of programmes of commercial printed matters and books.

In 2010, we received a certificate FSC CoC.


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