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Gorenjski tisk storitve, Printing and Binding Company Ltd. (GTS) is one of the finest providers of printing and binding solutions in the world. With more than 100-year tradition, rich experience, competent experts, and modern equipment and technology we provide our clients the most unique and challenging books. We are a part of group MSIN d.o.o., which is considered to be the largest graphic group in Slovenia. We produce prestigious, high quality and unique products, which enthuse our customers and their clients from Europe and USA.

Gorenjski tisk d.d.

Company's goal is to become the finest provider of printing and binding services in the region. We focus on the challenge of being flexible and responsive, on adapting to our client's wishes and market's demands. We impress our clients with comprehensive graphic service, supreme quality, short delivery terms and our offer of prestigious and unique products.

Gorenjski tisk storitve is Slovenian printing house that won the most awards in the field of book producting, as we have, in the past ten years, received eight awards "Krilati lev", given by the Commercial commerce of Slovenia for achieving the top level of quality of book production in the particular year. We prove our mastering also with numerous international awards and recognitions. We are, especially, proud on the award GOURMAND: BEST COOKBOOK PRINTER IN THE WORLD, recieved in February 2010 in Paris, LUCIE AWARD 2014 - US Book Publisher of the Year 2014 and many more...

Graphical process is entirely organized under one roof, which ensures a complete control of quality from the time of files receipt to product delivery:

  1. Preparation of printing form (two CTP lines, standard FOGRA, raster Staccato®, digital print Kodak/Fuji).
  2. Print (printing machines in format B1, varnishing in line - also UV-varnish, print on metallised cardboards with hybrid colours).
  3. Finishing (folding, ordering, sewing, production and printing of covers, blind print and hot print with foil, sewing with wire, drawing on - optional PUR glue, mixed bound books and hardcovers).

Rob knjige

We offer our customers printing and finishing of projects, which we split into two production programmes:

  1. commercial printing matters, intended to promote companies and/or products (catalogues, prospects, annual reports, magazines, leaflets, posters, calendars, maps etc; printed matters can be drawn on, binded or sewn with a wire);
  2. books, produced as hardcovers (covers from standard material and modern and demanding material or leather, printed with blind print and large number of hot print foils of different colours), paperbacks (focus on paperbacks is gluing with PUR glue) or Smythe sewing.

Permanent improvement of the quality and lowering of the impact on environment is important to us, as proven with certificate FSC CoC.


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